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Bonnie revamped
One day I'll get your hair right :iconspiketail94: and this is that day. Hopefully I'll get it right again. You look so cute!
2017 Snake Token for Tyler Jacobson
The 2017 Sydney GP for Magic: the Gathering was amazing to go to. I went up for the day and got to hang out with all the people I wanted to see. 
I painted this snake token that was by Tyler Jacobson and gave it to him when I met him. He was so appreciative of it and it made me so warm and fuzzy that my face went red. As normal when meeting incredible mtg artists I fangirled so hard and made a classic fool of myself, but it was so worth it and I'd do it again.
On an Ice Boat
I originally had an orca in the background so the drawing could be titled "Everything is Fine" and it's all about ignoring the big scary thing that you know is that but if you pretend it'll go away. I feel like that a lot lately. I want the assignments to not exist and know the due date for everything is getting closer and closer the more I procrastinate.
This could still be a metaphor for uni with being alone and having no clue what to do or how to do things. Hopefully I reach land
Cheerleading You
I think everyone needs to be reminded that YOU ARE BRILLIANT!
I see a lot of motivational crap where the message is along the lines of "If you want to change you can do it instantly" and ultimately everything is rainbows if you just change your ways. 

Motivational Speech Time:
I want every viewer to know that if you want to change, you are welcome to because you're the only one in charge of you. I just feel that with so many messages about changing who you are as a person one could feel like they weren't good to start with. You're brilliant. With what you do, who you are and how you do things. There are going to be times when you feel terrible, you hate yourself and that no one believes in you and you're welcome to feel like that because your feelings matter! but you have to understand that someone, somewhere believes in you and that your efforts are noticed. You got out of bed today!? That is brilliant! You did that thing that you never wanted to do because it terrified you, That is brilliant! You are brilliant!
Chandra Tantrums
I can relate so hard to her right now

Chandra belongs to Wizards of the Coast and Magic: the Gathering. I am a filthy casual fan.
In response to Spiketail94's “Bliss n Eso Next Frontier Inspiration” Competition.

“I wished for a star but dreamt a galaxy” By munna-chan78 2014

The Idea:
Using an enlarged empty room such as a gallery space, hundreds of ceramic moulded stars will almost fill the room.

Having these ceramic stars suspended from the ceiling on various lengths of string or fishing wire so the method of suspension isn't properly seen. This is to make them appear as though they aren't hung giving a cosmic and even magical sensation as the viewer wanders through and around the space. Additional stars will be on the walls and floors. Arranged in a wave formation from one end of a wall all the way around to meet up again while mounds of stars will be clustered together around the floor space with single stars scattered around. This is to represent movement in the galaxy and that the stars create different paths and opportunities. Using stars on the floor and allowing them to be walked upon and/or around and symbolise that sometimes there is failure and disappointment along our path.  

Associating the idea of 'wishing upon a star' and 'aiming for the stars' this installation is about about reaching goals and fulfilling dreams. Containing the room with stars signifies that our lives are filled with endless possibilities and opportunities much like the ever expanding universe. Hanging stars at different levels indicates that some dreams are further away and must be reached for if a dream wants to be obtained.

Using a plaster mould the stars can be mass produced and therefore a vast amount that is uni-formal  can be constructed. The purpose of them being the same is that we all have similar dreams and aspirations as well as maintaining a consistency within the space.
Since the stars are ceramic there would be corresponding ceramic decoration though the use of a glaze. A shiny glaze would suit these stars perfectly rather than a matte because they will produce a stronger impact with the interaction of the lighting and have a better quality of a cosmic atmosphere.
Solid colours must be used however the thickness of application can vary causing a uniqueness between each star, symbolising that each 'dream' is different even though some may look very similar. A cool colour pallet of blues, purples, greens and possibly even dark reds would suit as that would produce a contrast with the typical lighting of an inside space. However, in regards to lighting I think natural sunlight would be much more effective as the change in the day will incorporate an additional interaction, making it so then dreams can be achieved any time of the day and mainly whenever possible. Lamps or strips of lights normally seen in aeroplanes and soft warm lighting would only be used when the space becomes to dark to be visible and even then, it's not to illuminate the entire space.

Glow in the dark or iridescent paint will also be used in addition to the man made milky way. More cosmic paraphernalia including planet shapes and also text of inspiration will be painted on the walls, ceiling and floor forming depth and expansion while also presenting the additional message that some aspirations can't be seen so easily and that they appear at a certain time. That sometimes one has to wait for an opportunity to appear even though they are aiming for another one and as reminder to not give up [with the use of text].



munna-chan78's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
Hello. I'm a really varied artist. From altering Magic: the Gathering cards, to ceramic sculpture and fabric art, I can pretty much do all things traditional.

I've finished my Bachelor of Visual Art in the magical land of Bendigo. Majoring in ceramics I know how to create and fire my own sculptures. I got to organise and participate in 2 gallery exhibitions this year and I've already got an invite for another next year. Though it was stressful it was an interesting experience. I'd love to continue with my art and I'd love it even more if I got paid for it too.

Check out my stuff, give a comment or a fave if you like it -- I'm rather proud of what I've done.

Personal Quote: "Imagination has no limits. The only thing that stops you is you."


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